Micro Loop Ring Extensions aus Echthaar 50 cm

72,60 inkl. MwSt

  • Praktische Schlaufen zum Anbringen Ihrer Extensions, da sie bereits an Ihren Extensions befestigt sind.
  • Länge 20″/50 cm.
  • Packung: 100 Strähnen.
  • 0,6 g pro Strähne.
  • 100 % Echthaar.
  • 23 Farben.
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Micro Loop ring hair extensions 20 inch

Loop extensions of beautiful quality and 100% human hair. Easy to apply and safe for the hair. You only need a few tools, just a tail comb and a micro ring plier.

product description:

  • Handy loops to place your extensions because it is already attached to your extension.
  • Lenght 20″/ 50 cm.
  • Package: 100 strands.
  • 0.6g per strand
  • 16 colors

How to take care of extensions?

Read our advice How to take care of your extensions. For guarantee, we recommend to use our care products like Hargania

Advise for choosing the right color:

Every brand has different color numbers. We have made an overview with all color numbers of several brands. our overview.

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1.Schwarz, 1B.Schwarz-Braun, 2.Dunkelbraun, 4.Schokoladenbraun, 6.Braun, 8.Aschbraun, 10.Hellbraun, 12.Helles Goldbraun, 14.Warmes Goldbraun, 16.Helles Honigblond, 18.Warmes Goldblond, 20.Fast aschblond, 22.Helles Goldblond, 24.Goldblond, 27.Helles warmes Blond, 1001.Platinblond, 60.Ultrahellblond, 613.Sehr helles Blond, Silber grau, 30.Mahagonibraun, 33.Mahagonirot, 350.Kupfer, 99J.Dunkelviolett