overzicht verschillende kleurnummers van hairextensions

Overview of Colors and Hair Extensions brands

How do you choose the right color hair extensions if you work with a different brand and you want to try a new brand of hair extensions. There are currently so many different hair extension brands that it is expensive to order a color ring or color sample from each brand. That is why we offer you help with determining color.

Help with choosing the right color and color numbers

We looked at the different brands and their color numbers. We have placed these next to each other and placed the correct color in an overview to make it easier for you.

What you need to know about color rings for hair extensions

  • The color is never exactly the same color as on the color sample of your hair extension ring.
  • The samples with hair are colored at the factory and therefore color baths may deviate.
  • Human hair color rings can fade or change color after years.
  • Synthetic rings do keep the same color, but the color is more difficult to determine.
  • Some colors are close to each other.

The brands we have considered so far

  • Hair Extensions Europe (www.hairextensionseurope.com)
  • Original Socap (socaporiginal.co.uk)
  • Eurosocap
  • Di biase
  • Great hair extensions
  • Great lenghts