Keeping hair extensions beautiful requires good care.

On average, hair extensions last about 3 to 12 months. The life of hair extensions depends on many factors. How often do you use a hair straightener or curling iron and do you use a heat protector but also how often are you going to bleach or dye the extensions. Every chemical treatment is an attack on the durability of the extensions. Blonde hair extensions last shorter than dark hair extensions, because they are chemically treated and decolorized more. Proper care of the extensions is particularly important. There is a lot you can do to take good care of your extensions, so that they last longer and keep looking healthy.

Hair extensions need intensive care of at least 3 nourishing hair products:

  • A hair extension shampoo: which gently cleanses the hair, has no stripping effect and contains little sulfate chloride and parabens.
  • A mask: you can also use this as a hair conditioner and is more intensive than a normal conditioner and it also makes the hair soft and silky.
  • A serum: keeps the hair soft and silky, gives shine and protects the hair.

Hair extensions have a different hair structure than our own hair and have had a heavy chemical treatment, so therefor it is possible that it will tangle earlier.

How to choose the right shampoo

The golden rule in choosing the right shampoo. Shampoos that are suitable for hair extensions are also suitable for your own hair.

  • Shampoos that are suitable for your own hair are NOT always suitable for hair extensions.
  • All extensions have a protective coating and shampoo can have a stripping effect on the extensions, making it look like you are wearing a bunch of straw on your head.
  • Do not buy shampoo at the supermarket or drugstore I have never seen on a label “This shampoo is suitable for hair extensions”.
  • I have never seen this on the most expensive hairdressing products, an expensive product is not always a good product for hair extensions.
  • Only use the products recommended by the brand of extensions you wear, only then you have a warranty.
  • It is funny that women spend hundreds of euros on their hair extensions and cut back on the right products for € 2,- or € 3,- because they think that is too expensive.

Shampoos that are not suitable for extensions

  • Two in one shampoos.
  • Anti-dandruff shampoo because it contains many chemicals that attack the keratin and hair.
  • Fructies or other brands that contain fruit acids because they affect the coating of extensions and the keratin.
  • Silver shampoos and color shampoos.
  • Products from the supermarket or drugstore.
  • Shampoos with silicone.
  • Shampoos containing parabens.
  • Products containing harmful sodium chlorides.

Holidays and hair extensions

  • Do not go swimming in the sea or pool with loose hair and wear it up while swimming.
  • Use a special sunblock for your hair or a leave in conditioner on the beach.

Divide the hair and brush from the bottom up. You work upwards per section. Important: always brush from bottom (points) to top (head). For curly weave extensions we recommend to “finger-style” the hair or use a wide tooth comb. Wash the hair by kneading but not rubbing. Rinse the shampoo well. Use a hair mask, preferably also a Leave In conditioner, which makes the hair soft, silky and gives the hair a beautiful healthy natural shine. Then dry the hair well.

Always rinse the hair after washing. In any case, never go to sleep with wet hair and never let it air dry and always blow dry your hair. It is best to go to sleep with your hair braided or tied loosely together. A satin or pillowcase prevents drying and chafing, leaving the hair beautiful and shiny for longer.

Sylvia Bruens