Removal Plier Hair Extensions Tool

8,95 TAX incl.

  • Removal plier essential for connecting and disconnecting hair extensions.
  • For Pre-bonded hair: Always use in combination with our remover liquid.
  • Professional use only.


Removal pliers for precision application and removal of hair extensions.

Connector & Disconnector for hair extensions. Tip Pre-bonded: Always use the pliers in conjunction with the hair extension removal fluid. The compressor breaking pliers have a rough surface with which you can easily break the keratin wax.

How to Remove Hair Extensions:

  • Apply the remover to the wax of the hair extensions and let it take effect.
  • Use the tongs to squeeze the wax until it turns flexible and white.
  • Then carefully pull the extension out of the hair.
  • Then gently comb the remaining wax from the hair.

Tip for safely removing extensions:

  • Have the extensions removed professionally.
  • If you want to do this yourself, first take a good look at how to do this.
  • When new extensions are placed immediately, Wash the hair first.
  • Leave the hair extensions in it for a maximum of 4 months in order not to damage your own hair.
  • Removal plier essential for for removing pre-bonded hair extensions.
  • Always use in combination with our remover liquid.